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Party On, Party People

Because I rock
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[Edit, 1-8-07: You'll find more recent stuff HERE, on my Blur-tay -- I haven't been writing on LJ for quite some time.]


My right hand holds ashes
My left holds the past
I hope the wind catches
And burns it down fast


I'm a saint and I'm a sinner
I'm a loser, I'm a winner
I am steady and unstable
I'm young but I am able


She gotter Bible
She’s born again
She gotter shotgun
She ain’t afraida sin

Things never go the way you plan.

This can't really be what life is all about
Learning how to live just to live without
The travesty's the irony and the irony is you
I've traded in my sanctity for a cheaper shade of blue


Well, I can be magic or tragically tragic
I can be everything between us
Some days I'm frightful or awfully delightful
The consummate extremist


And I've fought it all my life
And the battle's now a war
But I'll get up tomorrow
And I'll fight it all once more
I want to do what's right
But I'll never understand me
I've always had a sweet tooth
For the devil's candy

My life is out of order.

Love's a series of broken sentences
Miscalculations, reconciliations
Seductive highs, destructive lows
Words that fly too fast
Feet that move too slow

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